In 2021 January Vicki Baylis was fired from NT for bad behaviour.
She is working now in Queensland.
vickibaylis Em__9____D___ contact Emil Stamatoiu on
I used an absolute system.
Every user who wanted data from the 9-12 database wrote a request email sent to me.
They received immediately a reply confirming the request,
I was asking in the email if there were not clear requests.
I was setting a discussion if I needed to clarify some information that was in the database.
All my reports were ready next day.

I used for the first time in Australia and NT a paperless desk.

All my activity is on the email server in NTG.

The lady who gives your children database to somebody from Victoria without registering her action with the government.

The lady who takes her dog for a walk in Australian Government offices.
The lady who cuted my conection to the Australian Government computer network without any worning or message.
Vicki BaylisThis is Viki Baylis who is curently

Chief Executive

Department of Education Northern Territory
Marion GuppyThis was my boss Marion Guppy.

In mid-2015 she assumed her current role of Deputy Chief Executive for School Education.

She did nothing.
In the morning when Vicki cut my access she just invited me in her office and told me that I have to go home and wait.
It is a boss's function to protect his employees?


Eva LawlerHon Eva Lawler
Minister for Education

She does not wanted to talk to me about Vicki Baylis who sent all database for 9 - 12 to a third party without writing in the Government Storage system.